Working from home is the ultimate luxury in a corporate world. However, if you happen to be a writer, designer, artist  in addition to work space you need time and acres of it. However if you happen to have children then chances are you can kiss goodbye to those all so important stream of consciousness thoughts, at least in your own home. 

If you’ve already tried locking doors and stuffing in earplugs, then don’t despair seek out a co-working space instead. The type that comes with a child-minding service. Yep, they do actually exist.

Motherdock provides shared workspaces with childcare facilities and other services like workshops, babysitting services, baby/toddler buffets and more. At the moment we have one location at the Almondestraat 195.

The focus here is on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your children are near yet just far enough away to allow you the peace and quiet to dream and deliberate, or even if you just need a few spare hours to sort through the receipts in your wallet or do your taxes, you can do that too.

written by Les Enfants a Paris.

Almonde open

Saturday June 22 from 14:00 en 19:00 Almonde Boarding house (Pension Almonde) will present its first open house party: Almonde Open . 
The first batch of new users of our ground floor commons at Almondestraat will present themselves to the neighborhood and the city. Every newcomer will organize its own mini festival from their own location; a bit inside, a bit outside on the street. 

With among others: Pension Almonde – MotherDock – Al KHEMA, WoodstoneKugelblitz – Voici la femme – Food and other Stories – Copy Shop – Wasbuur – Stad in de Maak – Mini EKWC – Biobulkbende – 
Workshops – Presentations – Tours – Expositions – Soup – Performances – Chilling 
Where? Anywhere between house numbers 141 and 235. 

Almonde Boarding House is a project of Stad in de Maak / City in the Making and takes place until at least the summer of 2020, in 52 apartments of the former social, to be redeveloped, houses at Almondestraat in Rotterdam. 
Almonde offers a temporary home for neighborhood initiatives, urban nomads and misfits. By combining the need for flexible and affordable places to live and work with social and cultural activities, degradation of the street is stopped and new places to meet are created. The neighborhood is host to newcomers and vice versa the newcomers are the guests and clients of the neighborhood activities.



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